About Kara


Kara was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida (yes, people really grow up here!). She was a happy child who enjoyed playing piano & meeting new friends.  Lucky for Kara, she had older brother, Steven, & older sister, Laurie. to pave the way for her...so she didn't get in too much trouble growing up (Mom may beg to differ). 

In 1999, She decided to attend Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida...despite the fact that her parents had attended the University of Florida.  This decision was made when she was 7 years old and her older brother, who attended FSU, brought her home a FSU cheerleading outfit...she knew at that moment that she was a Nole at heart.  Kara joined the Delta Gamma sorority and met some of the best friends a girl could ask for.  Kara decided to major in Fashion Merchandising & Business after spending a summer abroad in Paris & London. Continuing the her love for fashion, she did an internship in NYC with her favorite designer, Betsey Johnson. She finally graduated in December, 2003 and moved back home to Ft. Myers to join the White House|Black Market brand, where 5 years later she met the love of her life, Kurt. 

Kara isn't what one would call an "active/athletic" girl, but on the contrary she enjoys relaxing on the couch watching Law & Order SVU marathons, as well as her favorite show, Criminal Minds (which has made Kurt nervous since Day 1). She also enjoys traveling, day drinking/happy hours and watching college football...especially every November when FSU plays UF. 


About Kurt


Kurt was born in Jamaica but raised in South Florida.  As the middle child between sister Michelle Bell & younger brother Kevin Bell, Kurt of course was the sibling that needed the most attention :-)

After graduating from Cooper City High School in 1995, Kurt decided to attend Florida International University in Miami, Florida where best friends Val Lopez and Erika King helped keep him sane while having a lot of fun along the way....  Kurt decided to major in Marketing & Business and graduated in December, 1999.  Although he is an FIU Panther by Graduation, He is a Florida Gator at HEART!

Kurt first left South Florida in the Fall of 2003 to continue working for The Sports Authority in Denver, CO where he spent 2 years and met many amazing friends before moving to Chicago to work for OfficeMax.  The experience of living in many places along with meeting new friends is part of Kurt's incredible personality and free spirit.  Along with enough stories and adventures to write a Book...

2008 started Kurt's venture back to the state of Florida, however this time on the other coast to Ft. Myers to join the White House|Black Market brand, where he met the love of his life, Kara.

Kurt loves traveling, Playing and watching Basketball, Day drinking/happy hours and watching college football...especially every November for The House Divided Party when FSU plays UF.


How we met


Kurt and Kara initially met in September 2008, when Kurt moved from Chicago to good ol' Ft. Myers to join White House|Black Market. 

* Kara's first impression of Kurt was 'Wowzers...he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen'. 

* Kurt's first impression of Kara was 'She has the most amazing smile & dimples'. 

Since Kurt decided weekends in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale were way more exciting than Ft. Myers nightlife, he went home every weekend...so fast forward to April, 2009...this is where is all began.

Picture 5:00pm at Ballyorneys (AKA Icabods)...some people at work decide to meet up for happy hour.  Guess who the first 2 to arrive are...Kurt & Kara...at that moment they knew they were destined to be together forever. 

* Kara's second impression of Kurt was 'Wowzers...his voice gets louder the more he drinks'

* Kurt's second impression of Kara was 'this girl can drink'

After keeping the relationship a secret for many months, Kara decided to tell the world...which is when Kurt found out as well.  Just kidding. 

3 years later he proposed and here we are...


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